Trade Shows

Our dedicated staff is here to ensure a trade show experience that rivals all others. We strive to make things easy for you, ensuring productive encounters with clients and attendees.

For exhibitor information, go to Mandalay Bay Exhibitor Services.

For any forms needed for setting up your trade show, visit Floor Plans & Documents.

If you have questions or would like to book your trade show, Contact Us.

Convenience Services for Exhibitors & Guests

To make things easier for you, we're glad to help with the details.

Floor Services for Exhibitors

Floor Services for Exhibitors

We offer a variety of services to help your show run smoothly.

  • Technical Services
  • Food and Beverage
  • Office Services
  • Booth Cleaning

Suggested Trade Show Facilities

Mandalay Bay has several venues well suited to trade shows. Explore the different options and find the one that's right for your event.

Bayside Ballroom Halls

Bayside Ballroom Halls

Take advantage of these individual spaces, or combine all four into one big ballroom.

Shorelines Exhibition Hall

Shorelines Exhibition Hall

A space large enough for expansive gatherings of the elite.

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